An Organic Lifestyle
SARAGH [सरघ्] is the Sanskrit word for BEE. 
Organic Cotton and Bees:
Although cotton is not directly dependent on bee pollination, bees increase cotton production on organic farm by more than 12% for fibre weight and over 17% for seed number. Research data confirms the importance of maintaining communities of pollinators on cotton farms, especially for organic production.
Organic Flax [Linen] and Bees: Flax is capable of self-pollination, but may be cross-pollinated. The use of bees for pollination of flax provides significant yield increases of up to 20% 
Our Core Values

Fair Trade | Sustainable & Eco-conscious

   Fair Trade
Fast Fashion and Corporate-Obligation-to-Shareholders have resulted in cut throat competition on the supply side in Textile Industry, which created a huge gap in income levels along the Supply Chain, prosperity skewed heavily towards the Shareholders of the retailers, while profits are rarely rolled back to the supply side.
One of the Core Values of SARAGH is Fair Trade. The goal is to achieve it by creating a smaller, tightly knit, highly integrated supply network comprised of microfranchises, involving as few Supply Chain partners as possible, and roll-back over-the-annual-threshold profits to all Supply Chain Partners.

Sustainable & Eco-conscious
Every year, each American tosses away an average of 82 lbs of clothing. Once again, Fast Fashion and Corporate greed is to blame. And everything that went in to producing those 82 lbs has more evil, such as the pesticides & fertilizers used in producing the GMO Cotton, all the chemicals and dyes used in developing fabric, the industrial pollution, and the pollution caused by logistics.
SARAGH’s core value is to make the entire Supply Chain, from Cotton-Farm-to-Retail-Table, Sustainable and Eco-conscious. The goal is to achieve this by producing clothing products that are long lasting [as opposed to Fast Fashion] yet fashionable, by using Non-GMO Organic raw materials procured from small network of suppliers, all natural dyes, hand looming where possible, and moving goods as minimally as possible.